10 steps for a converting sales page

There is nothing more upsetting than when you spend a lot of love, time and energy creating an irresistible offer and a valuable product or service, and then it doesn’t convert as much as you’ve expected.

I’ve been there. And it took me some trials and errors and a learning curve to get to these 10 essential elements that make a truly great sales page.

You see, buying is an emotional journey. This way of storifying your sales page will ensure you to hook your visitor and reach his head, heart and gut feelings. 

“Content marketing is like a first date. If you only talk about yourself, there won’t be a second one.”   – David Beebe















#1 – pictures

As I stated in this previous article, humans respond to visual elements, and even more when they include other humans.


What kind of pictures should I use?

  • Professional pics: there are enough good looking free stock photos on Pixabay, Pexels, Unsplash and other platforms. If you can, invest in a subscription for more qualitative stock photos.
  • Photos including humans, and faces is even better.
  • Picture of you. This one is essential if you want to create a bond with your client. It makes you a real person. And please, invest in a professional photoshoot.
  • Images of your product. There are different sort you can use: packshot (your product stand alone) and in situation (someone using it).

#2 – a good headline

This is the very first thing your visitor will read on your page, and if he isn’t hooked, it will also be the the last. As in a first date, you want to make a good first impression. It doesn’t mean that it will be love at first sight, but at least good enough to give you the chance to provoke a “Mmmh… looks nice, let’s see if it is as nice as it looks” in your visitor’s mind.


How does a good headline looks like?

  • Announce the result they could expect from doing what you want them to.
  • Make clear who you are talking to
  • Keep it simple
  • You can also use humor, puns or strong words as long as it doesn’t break the previous point.

#3 – qualifying Questions

The second thing you want to do is asking them questions. Like in a date, you want to show interest to the person you’re talking to, and generate a conversation – in this case in their head. You want to ask them questions about their current situation for two reasons:

  1. it will allow them to identify themselves and think “Yeah, that’s totally me…”
  2. it will allow you to qualify those who will keep on reading


What sort of questions?

  • Do you struggle with…?
  • Do you sometimes feel…?
  • Have you ever…?

#4 – a hint on your story

This is not the place for the whole biography, but a short paragraph that will help them build trust is a must. That’s how you become tangible, real. Remember, people buy people, not things.


What should I say about me?

  • Be relatable. You could tell a short story that will resonate with their current struggles.
  • Tell them why they should trust you. State your experience and how many people you’ve helped.
  • What makes you different? Unveil your signature element and your big why.

#5 – The promise

How will your offer help them achieve or get closer to their ultimate goal? This is where you want to project them as clearly as possible in their bright future.


How do I do that?

  • Start with an hypnotising opening. “Imagine when…”, “Picture yourself…”, “What if…” These are proven to activate the creative part of our brain.
  • Use the 5 senses. Your content here must be as sensory as possible. Have them see, touch, taste, smell, hear as much as possible.

#6 – social proof

Here is where you reassure them with testimonials, so they know people before them tried and approved.


What is a good testimonial?

  • As authentic as possible. I personally prefer a dumb screenshot of a Facebook comment or a Direct Message than a beautifully Quoted layout. Anyone can make up a fake testimonial on Canva, it requires more skills to make up a fake comment. Of course, if you can get video testimonials, that’s the best.
  • When you ask for testimonials, give your clients some directions so they will be as convincing as possible. Ask them to state their initial struggle, how they appreciated the product and the results they have experienced.

#7 – you can do it too

Now that they’ve seen other peope got the results they expected, you want to encourage them to take the step for themselves.


What is in a “you can do it too” section?

  • List their benefits. You can take some examples from the previous testimonials: “You too, you can…”
  • Underline their leadership. Stress out how they are making the right decision for their life/business.

#8 – Give them The choice

No one likes to be pushed. Show them the choice they have.


What are their choices?

  • They can close the window. And keep on dealing with their current struggles.
  • Or they can take action. And get the benefits and better life.

#9 – call to action

There is one golden rule : ONLY ONE CALL TO ACTION. But it doesn’t mean that you can use it only once.


What makes a good call to action?

  • Precision. Tell them exactly what you want them to do. “Download”, “Get”, “Join”…
  • Urgency. Tell them to do it “Now”, “Immediately” or, better, use a countdown for a limited time offer.
  • Repetition. Use it at least 2 or 3 times on your page. You can start using it as early as after the first questions you asked. Make sure it is also the last thing at the bottom of your page.

#10 – FAQ

Here is where you want to destroy all hesitation they may have by answering their doubts even before they stated them.


What sort of questions do I answer?

  • Safety. This is always the first, especially for online sales. Tell them how their payment is secured.
  • Refund. If you make it, tell them under whoch conditions and if you don’t, come with a proper explanation.
  • Others. Think of all the questions or barriers they may have and try to give a compelling and convincing answer to lift them up. You can refer to the questions you already received from clients or potential clients.

ready to sell?

Do you already have these 10 elements on your current sales page? I’d love to hear from you in the comments: how did it perform? 

For those who don’t, I have good news: I crafted a printable template of the perfectly storified sales page for you.

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