hey there!

I’m Marie.

Storytelling Mentor

for Creative & Bold


Who Want To Impact

The World

Are you willing to…

make a long lasting impact on people’s lives?

You’re that type of entrepreneur who is super excited by their business, knows their worth and wants to help as many people as possible by sharing life changing value. 

Your goal is to become one of those successful people who are the go-to reference for their niche, who’s message is being shared, who’s stories impact behaviours and ways of thinking of thousands of people for the best.

But then…

  • you still struggle to explain your most life changing ideas in a simple and compelling way,
  • you’re left with the feeling that some people can’t understand the value you offer,
  • the fraud syndrom sneak in from time to time because you’re not so sure you’re doing it right.


    There is nothing more powerful than a good story.
    And a story, to be good, must be authentic.

    The thing is…

    You can tell all the facts you want,
    but a story will always be more convincing.

    After 18 year in a communication career, including some as a freelance copywriter, and a life-long passion for writing fiction, I had more than one opportunity to experience the power of storytelling.

    There is an old Native American saying that goes:
    “Tell me facts, and I’ll learn. Tell me the truth, and I’ll believe you. But tell me a story, and it will live in my heart forever.”

    There is a story for every purpose, every situation.
    I’m here to help you discover yours.

    Enough small talk…

    Ready to succeed?

    I like to imagine myself as a business love coach. My purpose is to help you seduce everyone with your ideas and build long lasting relationships with your soulmate clients. It starts by knowing what you want and who you are, who you are talking to, then build trust, step by step.

    I’m here to help.

    Imagine impacting so many people’s lives that when someone is talking about your topic, your name is the one which comes up first…

    Imagine your soulmate clients asking you for working with you, whatever it takes, because someone told them you were so life changing!

    Imagine your name on the most inspiring podcasts, blogs, conferences, or even on the cover of a book…