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I’m Marie. I look forward to hearing from you.

Whether you have a question about a potential collaboration, interview, how to work with me or how to effectively use storytelling to inspire others, you can either follow & contact me on social media or drop me a line here under.

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Frequently Asked

Are you a business and marketing coach?

I have a 20 years long career in marketing and communication, a University degree in Journalism & communication and I worked with all types of businesses, from multinational corporations to family-held businesses and start-ups.

My focus today is to help women entrepreneurs willing to make an impact on the world to inspire their audience, build a loyal tribe. Not only to buy their stuff but to really make a change. Quick marketing tips can increase sales in the short term. I can do that, I’ve been doing it my whole career. But true leadership inspires life-changing values. That’s what I aim for. And it also drives revenues that are less dependent on trends and marketing hacks.

I am just starting my business, are we the right fit?

There is no right or wrong moment to start thinking about the big picture of the impact you want to make on the world.

The only question you want to ask yourself is: are you willing to invest in yourself now – time, energy and money – to become the go-to reference of your niche?

Our work will consist of finding your stories so you will not just be selling your time or products but you will inspire change, development and growth.

Are you a coach or a mentor?

I relate more to the mentoring type of relationship as I have experiences to share. But I can put my coaching hat when needed, to help you find your own answers. It’s a bit of both world, regarding your needs and situation.

Are you a copywriter?

Although I’ve had a copywriting side hustle for years, it was in French, my mother tongue. And I don’t feel confident enough in my level of English to propose qualitative content.

My purpose is to help you find and create inspiring stories to so you can make an impact on the world. We will do it hand in hand. And you will be able to use these stories to create your content, or brief your copywriter to do so.