Don’t send them your newsletter (yet)

If your read my article on How to write a seducing Welcome Email Sequence,  You probably have your own in place by now. (And if not, check it out now, there are even free templates to get you started!)

But did you know you shouldn’t be sending your regular newsletter to the people who haven’t completed it yet?


“Good content should be at the heart of your strategy, but it is equally important to keep the display context of that content in mind as well.”

Tim Frick

If you read my article properly, you know how important Welcome Email Series are. Their purpose is to spark and build a relationship. 

Your newsletter should be written for people who already know you. People you already have a relationship with. 

If you interrupt your Welcome Sequence with newsletters that have nothing to do with the logical evolution of your welcome script, it will have 2 negative It’seffects:

  • It’s like ads during a movie, everyone hates that.
  • You will overload their inbox and they might just unsubscribe.


Don’t drown your clients
into information overload

That’s why you want to just build that relationship slowly before sending them your lovely newsletter content. Don’t know how to do that?

Video Tutorial
How to exclude your Welcome Series recipients 
from your Newsletter?

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#1 — Go to your list.

#2 — Go to “Manage Subscribers”

#3 — Click on “Create Segment”

#4 — Select “Any” of the following conditions.

#5 — Select “Automation activity” in the first dropdown menu.

#6 — Select “Completed workflow” in the second dropdown menu.

#7 — Select the name of your Welcome Email Sequence.

#8 — If you have more than one email sequences (e.g. coming from different freebies or sources), click “Add” and repeat step 5 to 7.

#9 — Save your segment and name it.

#10 — When sending your newsletter, select your list THEN the segment you just created.

That’s it! You will now send only to the people who have completed your Welcome Series, hence are already in a relationship with you and ready to hear any other beautiful stories and valuable content you have in store for them.