How I’ve been invited to my first podcast

Not so long ago, I received a Direct Message on Instagram from Scherise Saskia, praising my content and asking me for a featuring on the “Millionaire Business Minds” podcast. It felt like Universe was confirming that I was on the right path.


I started this business out of passion for writing stories and because I wanted to be in the driver seat of my whole life. 

But to be honest, I didn’t woke up on a bright morning with that idea. It was a process and when I look back, I feel like my whole life was driving me to this moment.

When I met my Business Coach, Daria Zest, She hooked me with her famous mastermind course on “5 income streams that made me 6 figures”. I won’t lie, money was also part of the dream. Or, to be exact, the lifestyle that I could adopt by making enough money on my own, while leading a location free business.


This is one of the pictures on my vision board. I could take holidays or even work over there…

It’s Daria who had me working more seriously on visualization and the Law of Attraction. I already heard of it and even experienced it before, but she gave me some practical advices to implement it that were golden!

She suggested that I chose my top 3 goals and set reminders on my phone to visualize how would it look like achieving these goals.


“I am a recognized storytelling mentor. I am financially independant.
I bring value to the world.”

These are the 3 reminders I added on my phone. Each one is assorted with affirmations and visualizations. And guess what? Here are some of the affirmations I tell myself daily regarding the first one…

Feel free to pin them on your own vision board 😉


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What happened since I started these daily affirmations?

  • One of my answers on Quora was quoted on their Facebook page.
  • I’ve got invited on Scherise’s podcast and I have two leads for more.
  • I’ve been asked to give a full day course to future entrepreneurs, twice.

Of course, all this didn’t happened JUST because I asked for, but these allowed me to be open and alert for opportunities. And it didn’t took more than a week to get first obvious results.

Here are the other behaviours that got me those amazing manifestations:

  • I am present daily on social media (mostly Instagram and Facebook, then also a bit on Pinterest and Linkedin)
  • I SHARE VALUE. Each of my post has real content (except maybe on the weekend, because everyone wants to relax), not only selling my services.
  • I systematically ask a question to trigger an answer from my audience.
  • I interact with my audience. I answer every comment and DM. 
  • I welcome my new followers with a question about their business and it generates DM discussions.

What are you manifesting and how do you help the universe to give you what you want? Comment below and let’s start an exciting conversation about that…

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