How to storify a seducing Welcome email sequence

As a clever online business owner, you probably already got your way around freebee and email capture. But now, what? What will you tell them to get them purchase from you? If you’re sending an offer right away in your autoresponder, together with the freebee you promised, stop immediatly.

Clients are scary and suspicious creatures. Before you try to sell them anything, you must earn their trust. And it’s exactly the purpose of a welcome email sequence: build a relationship, get to know them while they get to know you. 

Think about your relationship with them like the dating game.

OK, you’ve got that first date: they downloaded your freebee (or at least, they subscribed in order to do it, but you’ll see that not even all of them will finally download it for real), that’s a great first step!

Now, how big are your chances of a long-lasting, fulfilling and caring relationship if you invite them to bed within the first 5 minutes?


– Hi, I’m Amanda, nice to meet you…
– Hi Amanda, I’m Michael, here’s your coffee. Can we have sex when you’re finished?

Photograph by Rawpixel.com via Pexels

Just as you wouldn’t do that, you wouldn’t want to scare the hell out of your dream client just by rushing too quickly into your end goal.

Now is the time to really show off your seduction skills. 

I’m not a dating coach, but as a recently divorced (and still very good looking) woman, I’ve experienced some encounters lately, and I can tell which strategies worked the best on me… 

“Think about your relationship with your client as if you were in the dating game.”

DAY 0 – Be warm & meet expectations

During the first date, I expect the guy to take me in a nice place, be on time, offer me a drink, be interesting AND interested. During this date, I’ll evaluate if he his worthy of my time and if I should give him a chance on a second date. The first date shouldn’t be too long, so should your first email.

You get only one chance to make a good first impression, so don’t mess it up!


What you should do in your 1st email

  • Welcome them personally by their name and tell them how glad you are they joined you.
  • Deliver the promise: your freebee (it’d rather be damn good)
  • Shortly introduce yourself: who you are, why are you doing this and why should they trust you (you can brag but not too loud).
  • What they can expect from a relationship with you (aka staying in your mailing list): the type of content and topics you will send them, the frequency they can expect news from you…)
  • Ask them to add you to their contact list so your emails don’t end up in the promo tab or junk mails (the equivalent of “Can I add you on Whatsapp?”).
  • Show interest for them and engage them in a bidirectional discussion. “What is you most important struggle right now?” is a good start.
  • End it with a teaser so they’ll be looking forward to see you again. Use the P.S. section to announce that something big is coming tomorrow.

DAY 1 – Be reliable

If the first date went well, this doesn’t mean the guy has won yet. But following up as promised is definitely going to get him bonus points.


What you should do in your 2nd email

  • Remind them who you are. You’re not alone in their inbox.
  • Deliver unexpected value. I know, you already gave them their freebee. But focus on something very practical where they can get immediate results.
  • Invite them to follow you on your main social media.
  • For those who didn’t click on your first email, add a reminder to download your freebee.

DAY 3 – Be different

First date went well, then you showed you were reliable, now it’s time to step up your game and stand out from the competitions.

Empathy and humility are two highly appreciated qualities to find in a soulmate.


What you should do in your 3rd email

  • Be relatable and tell a story of “I skrewed up and fixed it” that will resonate with their current struggles.
  • Share the strategy that got you where you are now. It implies two things: one, make your current situation (aka their dream situation) as tangible as possible, using sensory details and feelings; two, explaining your strategy is the opportunity to mention your offer without selling it.
  • What makes you different? Unveil your signature element.

DAY 6 – Be surprising

Who doesn’t love a surprise gift?


What you should do in your 4th email

  • Offer extra value. Some resources, a checklist, a template, a video, an exercise, something actionable and related to their pain to pleasure journey. It’s an opportunity to repurpose some of your existing content.
  • It put the principle of reciprocity in action. It’s a gesture that they will want to reciprocate.

“Marketing is really just about sharing your passion.” – Michael Hyatt

DAY 9 – Be nice

Confirm what they already know by now: you’re a keeper!

Let them know how you are appreciated (in a dating situation, you would introduce them to your friends).


What you should do in your 5th email

  • Highlight how you helped previous clients and focus on the before/after stories. Tell them like you tell a souvenir. Don’t forget to be conversational.
  • Give them a sneak preview of your offer. Let them know they could also be part of this circle, but don’t sell just yet.

DAY 12 – Be clear

Time for “The Talk”… When two lovers commit to a serious relationship.


What you should do in your 6th email

  • What is your offer? Make it simple and time limited to add a sense of urgency.
  • What’s in it for them? How will it help them achieve their goal? How will they feel after?
  • What would happen if they don’t seize their chance? (remind them their current pains)
  • Answer all their doubts before they state them, so they don’t have any excuse left.

DAY 15 – Be curious

Keep trying to surprise them every step of the way. How so? Ask them what they love, and if they loved it until now…


What you should do in your 7th email

  • Ask for feedback. Ask them a testimonial.
  • How can I please you? The best way to make sure to offer what they want is still to ask them.

And they lived happily ever after…

Of course, it happens only in fairy tales. If you want a long lasting relationship, you will have to work on it every day. Efforts, surprises, communication… What’s true for your love life is also true for your business relationships.

Now, your turn. Write this series as one logical piece of content with 7 chapters. Make sure your plot answer all of the following questions: Why do I need help? Why should I buy this? Why now? Why from you?

Screenwriter tip: at the begining of each email, remind them what happened “Previously, on [your brand here]” (*Netflix mode* on) and tease what will happen next at the end.


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