I believe your story is your most important asset in business

If you are a bold and creative lady entrepreneur willing to help as many clients as possible, convinced that you could change so many lives but still wondering how could you develop your leadership and influencing skills, I have your back.

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Be Your Own
Best Seller

I know the power of a good story. If you’re an avid reader, you know it too:

  • It’s the emotions winning it over reason.
  • It’s that feeling when you just want to know what’s coming up next and keep on reading until (too) late at night.
  • It’s that heart wrench when the story is over and you can’t wait to buy another book of the same author.
  • It’s the story you can’t help but sharing with others.
  • It’s the questions turning in your head and shaking up your world.

And that’s what I want your audience and dream clients to feel for you and your message.

I help women held businesses becoming

lovable, remarkable, desirable, memorable and shareable

Before I started helping female entrepreneurs develop their storytelling skills, I’ve had a 18 year long career in marketing and communication and a side hustle as a copywriter. From big international corporations to start-up and family businesses, I’ve helped launch new products, structure product ranges, get in store traffic, build social media strategies, handle press relations or engage internal workforce into change… amongst others.

You’re just one step away to be
the next J.K. Rowling of your niche…

My story

I Always Loved To Tell Stories…

My love for telling stories started at a very young age. I remember in 5th grade, my parents handing me the phone in the middle of the diner. It was my cousin calling. “Marie, I have an essay to write for tomorrow, can you help me?”, and 30 minutes later I would call her back and read her a freshly invented story.

I was passionate by these authors who could keep me awake all night because I wouldn’t stop devouring their stories. I loved the way those stories moved me, made me travel in space and time. I was dreaming of becoming one of them.

That’s why I choose to study Journalism, but after realizing that economics and politics were not the most exciting topics to me (and that I would never become rich as a journalist), I started a career in marketing and communication, where my ability to tell moving stories helped my employers to sell thousands of Club Med holidays, Opel cars, Deutsche Bank credit cards…

I was successfully climbing the ladder when my husband had the opportunity to go to work in Vietnam. Expatriation was one of our dreams and we moved in Saigon with our 2 daughters.

Ups And Downs Of The Expat Life

Even though I fantasized about the “expat wife” lifestyle, I found myself very lonely. For the first time in my life, I was jobless and financially dependent on my husband. It was not a matter of money, but rather of purpose. I asked myself “Well, I’ve got time and money, now what do I do?”. That’s when I decided to go back to my first love: telling stories!

I took over my old blog and wrote a few short stories, but I still felt lonely. I am fundamentally a social person, so I decided to organize creative writing workshops to gather a community of storytellers. That’s where I discovered that many of my fellow expat wives were finding their purpose in entrepreneurship… They asked me if I could help them make their brand story stand out, and so I did. I organized my first brand story workshop for female entrepreneurs.

All Good Things Must End

It was great to feel their energy, share their a-ha moments, see their faces when they realized how much more powerful their branding (and overall business) was with the right stories to fuel it. I really felt like I found my purpose in helping them achieve success.

I was having the most exciting time of my life until my marriage went down and we had to go back to Belgium to get a divorce. I had to start a whole new life: finding a new apartment, a new car… I needed money, and the security of a “regular job”.

New Beginnings

Although it took me 8 months to find it, I got lucky: I found a wonderful job as Head of Internal Communication & Engagement in a vaccines production plant, where I could help 800 people to find purpose and fulfillment in their job by sharing their stories, the patients’ stories and the leadership stories that would inspire them to give their maximum every day to save millions of lives. This contract job gave me the security and money I needed to rebuild my life. I met wonderful people and I loved every moment of it, but my true calling was helping women entrepreneurs.

So I decided to write a new chapter to my story and went back to helping female entrepreneurs to fulfill my long term dream. Throughout my life and work experience, I’ve found storytelling has moved me, and others around me. It is more than a tool or a skill, it is a transformation that has built me into an independent, successful entrepreneur. And I want to share that transformation with you.

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