The A-Z Of Content Marketing

Content isn’t king… It’s the kingdom!

I don’t know who was the first to tweak the famous quote from Bill Gates… But (s)he couldn’t be more right!

10-15 years ago, marketers who were counting on content and inbound strategies to fill their sales pipes were visionnaries. Today, those who don’t won’t last long.

Our paradigm has changed. The old times of feeding the crowd with our messages until they buy from us are long gone. In today’s world of information overload, content is everywhere. And only the best will get results.

Let’s play a game… Can you find more words related to Content Marketing? Write them in the comments and I’ll update this post.

The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.”



There are loads of similar content on the web to the piece you just wrote. What will differenciate yours, is your personality. Let it shine!


As much as your product needs to remain in the background, every piece of content should reflect your brand’s values and purpose.



Content marketing is like having a conversation with your audience. If you leave it all of a sudden, they will find someone else to talk with.


Speaking of conversation, don’t try to be too litterate. Use a casual tone of voice.


How to make your content desirable? By knowing what your audience wants and giving them exactly that.


If you want your content to catch their attention, make it bold and disruptive. Don’t be afraid of a bit of polemic…



Because this is all the point, right? So make sure each piece of content aims at that direction.


Your content should hook them up, shock them, break their routine, catch their attention…


The Alpha and Omega of Content Marketing


Great content won’t resonate much if it is kept private. You should know where your audience hangs out and distribute it there.



The best way to generate emotions is to be authentic and show rather than tell (using the 5 senses).


When your content is Evergreen (meaning it is not related to a time-bound topic or a trend), it will have a longer life-span and you can repurpose it easily.


Content is engaging when it is relatable, sparking emotions, asking questions and leading to action.



Content is the fuel of your sales machine. It’s there to attract, engage, convert and nurture your leads through web, social, emails and more…


Inboud marketing is scalable. Your content is your best sales person that never sleeps or eat and can talk to millions at a time.

Hero’s journey

Storytelling is the key to effective content marketing. The Hero’s journey is only one of many plots you can use to make it more engaging.

Ideal client

(S)he is at the center of your content strategy. You have to know them better than yourself and write every piece with their needs and expectations in mind.

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Inbound marketing

You can create content for the sake of it if you don’t want to make money. But if you do, have a single purpose for each piece of content, pulling your client a step ahead into your funnel: being found, creating awareness and interest, driving engagement, getting an opt-in, converting on a tripwire, upselling, nurturing and keeping engaged…


We all know emotions are key to driving engagement, but it has been proven that positive emotions generate better engagement than negative ones…


People want to be educated, not pitched. Share your knowledge, give them value, and they will ask for more…


Make your brand and yourself lovable. How so? By being your authentic self, genuinely interested, generous, approachable…


Analyze what works and what doesn’t… Then do more of what works.


New doesn’t have to be really new, but if you adopt a new angle or position, create links where no one did before, you are doing something new. New is exciting.

Organic reach

Good content marketing offers you free advertising by increasing drastically your organic reach.

“Actually talk to your customers. Use the language that they use. Talk about the things they talk about. Never feed salad to a lion.”  



“A goal without a plan is just a dream”. Make it real by thinking it through and having a clear strategy.



They have ultiple benefits: they add space to a long pice of written content, they back your ideas with a big name on it, and they are good placeholders when you have no visual to share on social media.


Why sweat on your content creation to publish it only once? There are dozens of way to give a new lease on life to your old content.


Don’t talk about how to start a business if your target is a seasoned entrepreneur. Hence, know your niche.


Make it easy to share. Add buttons, ask for it.


Storytelling is the best way to convey emotions and help your audience to make decisions and take action. 


Know when to say what to your audience. You don’t have the same message to people who barely know you and others who just bought something from you.


Up to date

Check that your content is still relevant. If not, update it.


Our human brain respond better to images, and even better to images of other human beings.


Choose them carefully. Use the words your audience uses. Not only for SEO reasons, but also because it makes you more relatable.


Don’t hesitate to be friendly.


Be yourself.


Your purpose should be love at first sight.

Your turn

I know this thesaurus about content marketing isn’t exhaustive. Which word would you add? Tell me in the comments so I can update this post later…

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